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Introducing Boom Goes the Waistline

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Changing the blog at Electric Bicycle City to be mostly about the self-indulgent, narcissistic Baby Boomer generation.  And proud member I am.  We are going to call it, Boom Goes the Waistline.  And as a related matter I want to pay tribute to two of the finest words that have come along as I aged, relaxed fit.  Thanks Levi.  Here’s one thing I have noticed.  When I am online entering info for sale and joining a site, one of the questions asked is usually your age.  Instead of allowing you to just enter, up pops a box with all the years available.   After left clicking 7 or 8 times, you start to feel just a little old.

I did a couple of desktop things the other day that I had not done in literally years.  Cleaned up my email inbox that had 6 million entries, 4 of which contained anything I needed to save.  And turned my keyboard upside down and banged it on my desk to clean it out.  That second thing…big mistake.  I don’t even know what the stuff was that came out, but I needed a HazMat suit to get it out of my office.  Don’t advise anyone doing this, just buy a new one and throw the old far away.  I also might be the only person still using a desktop.   Its running Windows BC, but still does everything I need.  Like sign on to Compuserve.

Some bike news, North Carolina has defined ‘electric bicycles’.   It was HB 959 at the part that we care about is this” ‘A bicycle with two or three wheels that is equipped with a seat or saddle for use by the rider, fully operable pedals for human propulsion, and an electric motor of no more than 750 watts, whose maximum speed on a level surface when powered solely by such a motor is no greater than 20 miles per hour’  The reason this is important is without that definition an electric bike would have been a motor vehicle and required to be registered and have insurance.

Important point to add and this was always true for bicycle as well as electric bicycles.  Night riders need a reflector, front light, and red rear lights.

Extra long lyrics this time, thanks Leonard.


Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That’s how it goes
Everybody knows

I Cut the Cable

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Well, I am doing my daily surfing and what catches my eye but ‘Mutant Lice’. It appears that head lice is evolving and normal over the counter treatments are no longer effective. Disturbingly, I discovered that many parents take their lice infected children to “Nitpickers” and yes they do what you would guess they would do, manually remove the little buggers. Reason number 742 not to give strange school children noogies.

I did actually have a big week. I CUT THE CABLE. That’s right, no more TWC in my life. It feels more like an …….ectomy than a divorce. I was spending $150/month and hardly watching anything except Elementary and Stewart&Colbert. Got digital antenna and a Roku/Sling combo for a small 1 time expense and then $20/month gets me everything I need. It was fun closing the account, first time I called I was mysteriously disconnected. Next time I had to go through person who answered the phone(who of course tried to tell me what options TWC had to offer) and then be transferred to the “Cancellation” department who tried the same pitch. Final stop was to the local TWC store to return the box.   No matter when I have been to this store there is always 40-50 people in line. Which tells you something about their phone customer service that people choose to wait 2 hours bored out of their minds rather than deal with the suicide inducing phone answering service and customer service people for whom English is their 4th, maybe 3rd language.

Check out the links below for Bike info and chance to give input:

Bike plan survey

City bike page


Song Quote of the Week

stamps and janis joplin 45

“One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small
And the ones that mother gives you, don’t do anything at all

Go ask Alice, when she’s ten feet tall”

Hillsborough St Bike Lanes, Trails and Dogs

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I find dogs fascinating. Cats too, in that I find their total contempt for me fascinating. My dog takes such pleasure in going for a walk, I enjoy watching him. Smelling where other dogs have, uhh micturated, is of course the highlight of the walk for him.

I find myself wondering why this spot gets a cursory smell and the next one requires five minutes of continuous sniffing. Is he going CSI on me and some smells are like….”OK this was a 2 year old Jake Russell, born in South Carolina, with a left front paw slightly smaller than the others and he ate some human’s asparagus for lunch”.

Hillsborough-St-Bike-Lanes-DogsWhereas the quick sniffs are like…”OH, another fricking Lab, lets move on”.

On the other hand, I’d like to know how my dog picks the spots he does to do his business. Is he marking the trail to find his way home? Is he marking his territory like it was the front room rug? Or is this how dogs meet and date. He’s feeling like this a good spot to meet babes and I had some interesting things to eat today. Let’s put it right about here and come back after work to see if any babes took the bait. And some spots are so sweet that we have to do the doggie back kick and cover it up with dirt so no other dog discovers it.

My favorite thing from our last walk was that someone had put out a sign that was a dog in the pooping position that read No Pooping. Don’t know about your dog, but mine doesn’t read or write English well, so when he looks at that sign its like seeing the symbol for a man on the bathroom and he’s off to the races.

Hillsborough St Bike Lanes and Trails

For the people that live around NC State and Cameron Village there is some good information about bike trails and bike lanes at this web site. You can take a survey that asks for your opinion on improvements in these areas. I recommend taking a look if you have the time, lots of interesting proposals. Let’s make the most of our Hillsborough St Bike Lanes and Trails!


Song Lyrics of the Day

Of course I went to law school and took a law degree
And counseled all my clients to plead insanity
Then worked in hair replacement, swindling the bald
Where very few are chosen, and fewer still are called

Well, its a little late for the Festivus Grievances so we’ll combine it with Chinese New Year Resolutions. First up, someone has been breaking into my house and either making my buttons on my shirt bigger or the holes smaller. For some reason I can no longer button my shirts in less than 10 minutes, they just won’t fit. And let’s talk about people who make bad left turns. If someone coming from my right makes a left turn they are coming right through my lane and I have to brake before I get to the intersection to avoid running into them. It’s a 90° degree maneuver people, not a 45°. And please if you are on a street with no left turn lane, turning on the left turn signal when the light turns green means that I am stuck behind an a-hole.

I’ve got a whole list of grievances for the Cameron Village Harris Teeter. First the people who stop to have a conversation in the doorway, thus shutting down getting in and out. Same thing for aisle conversations with the carts blocking the aisle; The old lady who spends 15 minutes deciding which cottage cheese to buy and NC State students. It should be like public swimming pools, for 10 minutes each hour no students are allowed in Harris Teeter. (Kidding!)

OK, I’m done, thanks for letting me vent. I’ll switch to good news. Attended a City Planning demonstration that showed how the City is going to improve the Peace Street Streetscape from St Mary’s to West. The plans look great, wide sidewalks and trees. For those familiar with current Peace Street, it will be very welcome. Should happen next year.

Song Quote of the Day

I’m gonna lose control of my powers,
I might even lose my trousers.
Smash some glass and act like trash if I want
Wear a skirt and be a flirt if I want
Cuz it’s been so long since I had a good time

Bad Knees and Keyboards

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So I’m riding my eletric bicycle last weekend and for the second ride in a row I occasionally hear a noise. Sounds sort of like something is rubbing or grinding. I check the brakes, fenders, debris in the wheels, etc. It seems to be louder on the up hills and goes away on the down hills. Finally figure it out. The sound is coming from my left knee, not the bike. I had knee surgery couple of years ago and it’s doing great, but apparently robot knees makes robot noises under stress.

My other issue from the weekend is this. I never eat at my computer, but was working on something I needed to fix and got hungry. Leftover cupcake from a birthday party we had last week made a great working snack. I dropped a little bit of the cupcake on my keyboard – not a big deal right. First I need to explain that my desktop computer is more than 10 years old, but it does everything I need to so why replace it.

Back to the issue.

I want to get the cupcake piece so I flipped the keyboard over and banged it on my desk a few time. Big big mistake. You would not believe, nor want to know, what came out of my keyboard. Most of it appeared to not be alive, but it was not good. I needed to borrow an Ebola protection suit to flush out my office. I just hope all that stuff was outside stuff that got in and not that my computer was evolving into a life form and just molted.

Which leads me to this Electric Scooter City helpful advice – maintain your bicycle.

Here are some electric bicycle maintenance tips:

Every ride – check your air pressure and quick release connection for your wheel. Also, check your tire tread and squeeze the brakes

Once a week – Flip it upside down and wipe down the chain with a rag. Keep it clean, clean bikes run better

Once a month – Do the chain clean thing and add lube while you do it. Clean and lube cassette.

Twice a year – Take it to your mechanic for tune up. This will insure smooth shifting, reliable barking, and keeping your wheels true

Song lyric of the day:

Mr Johnson sings over in a corner by the bar
Sold his soul to the devil so he can play guitar
Too cool to be forgotten

Fitty is the new Fifty

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Thanks to the Rapper I can’t now say the word fifty without pronouncing it as “fitty”. It just sounds so much better. I propose we retroactively apply the new way of saying it to any song, books, or movies that use that word. Paul Simon’s song would be fitty ways to leave your lover. Roger Miller’s song would be Trailers for sale or rent, rooms to let fitty cent. I can’t wait to see and read Fitty Shades of Gray.

Sometimes things come along that make us see an everyday word or object and view in a brand new way. I think Electric Bicycles are like that. An electric bicycle is really a brand new form of transportation. It’s still a bike and you can get all the exercise you want. It can be like a car if you’re commuting to work on it or pulling a heavy trailer. It can let you go on longer rides on the Greenways if you don’t have to pedal as hard on the hills. And the Raleigh (and Cary and Durham) Greenways are spectacular these days. I was riding on the Nuese River trail recently and saw a family of deer. And you are never far from a view of the river.

I had used the Greenways in the past when they first built the Crabtree Creek Trail, but just this year started using them again. Wow, we have a bicycling treasure her in Wake County. Not only have we added new trails, the City has actually put signs on the trails identifying them and the entrances and exits. Back when I originally started to ride the Greenways it was like Lewis and Clark time. They were hard to find, exits were unmarked, and they weren’t fully completed. So the trail would end at a street and you would spend 30 minutes finding where it picked up 2 streets down and 3 streets over.

Song lyric of the day:

Yogi has it better than a millionaire
That’s because he’s smarter than the average bear.