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Bacon and Beer Bellies

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bacon-beer 2In the course of 24 hours I read or heard about the following health reports – Processed meats and bacon will kill ya, beer bellies will kill ya, and grilled meat will kill ya. Jesus H Christ, how am I still alive? And secondly, Duh.

Are these all the same groups coming out with these studies? We get about one a month or so and everything takes a turn being good or bad for, so if I wait long enough my lifestyle choices will be healthy. Probably be a pretty long time though.

I took my truck in for service a few weeks ago and it was stolen from the lot. The thieves used my car to break down the service garage door and steal the cash from the cash drawer. Ironic part is that I took it in because it would not start. I just recently got informed that my truck had been recovered, but when I called the police I was told they arrested someone driving another stolen car with my plates on it. So this master thief stole another car and to disguise that theft used plates from my stolen vehicle. Genius.

Locally, Raleigh is really working on improving bicycle transportation. Check the Raleigh Bike Plan Out.

If you recognize the references in these lyrics, you’re getting free coffee at McDonalds:

There were many shows that followed from hooter to dootyville
Though I saw them all I can’t recall which cartoon was real
The coons skin caps Yankee bats the hound dog mans big start
The A bomb fears Annette had ears I lusted in my heart

Well, its a little late for the Festivus Grievances so we’ll combine it with Chinese New Year Resolutions. First up, someone has been breaking into my house and either making my buttons on my shirt bigger or the holes smaller. For some reason I can no longer button my shirts in less than 10 minutes, they just won’t fit. And let’s talk about people who make bad left turns. If someone coming from my right makes a left turn they are coming right through my lane and I have to brake before I get to the intersection to avoid running into them. It’s a 90° degree maneuver people, not a 45°. And please if you are on a street with no left turn lane, turning on the left turn signal when the light turns green means that I am stuck behind an a-hole.

I’ve got a whole list of grievances for the Cameron Village Harris Teeter. First the people who stop to have a conversation in the doorway, thus shutting down getting in and out. Same thing for aisle conversations with the carts blocking the aisle; The old lady who spends 15 minutes deciding which cottage cheese to buy and NC State students. It should be like public swimming pools, for 10 minutes each hour no students are allowed in Harris Teeter. (Kidding!)

OK, I’m done, thanks for letting me vent. I’ll switch to good news. Attended a City Planning demonstration that showed how the City is going to improve the Peace Street Streetscape from St Mary’s to West. The plans look great, wide sidewalks and trees. For those familiar with current Peace Street, it will be very welcome. Should happen next year.

Song Quote of the Day

I’m gonna lose control of my powers,
I might even lose my trousers.
Smash some glass and act like trash if I want
Wear a skirt and be a flirt if I want
Cuz it’s been so long since I had a good time

What’s So Wrong About Peace, Love, & Understanding?

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Apologies in advance if I sound like grumpy, get out of my grass guy today. Today’s technology has done too good of a job of letting everyone express their opinions about everything. Everything is output, no one takes time for the input thing. There was a time young fella, back when only Sylvester did Tweeting, when folks would actually pause and listen for while. My Dad used to say, “Bud, the Lord gave you one mouth and two ears so you could listen twice as much as you talked”.

He also thought you could speak French by saying manure – but he got it right every now and then. I fear the wonderful art of conversation has gotten replaced by 140 characters and “selfies” saying check me out.

All of the incidents lately with the police and men dying begs for a conversation. There are so many legitimate points of view, we could all learn something. It’s not a sign of weakness or capitulation to understand someone’s point of view. You don’t even have to change you opinion and the scariest thing that could happen is we could learn something new.

OK, I just lost the Hipsters.

Here in Raleigh I have no idea how to have such a conversation. I guess Facebook could work, but I have like 17 friends and they are all similar to me. Durham is having protest marches which is good, but its not a dialogue. At least this started some folks talking. Maybe we can learn to use the Internet for good instead of gossip.



You promised me everything, you promised me thick and thin
Now you say, Oh, Romeo, you know I used to have a scene with him