NC State Bus Commuters Unhappy

We always make sure to read the great NC State student newspaper – the Technician – in order to keep up with what is going on all around us on the campus. The issue that came out on October 4, 2010 had an article we personally found interesting and applicable specifically to what we do here at Electric Scooter City.

The article, Bus commuters near Centennial dissatisfied, informed us that “Engineering students residing in apartments around Centennial have limited transportation options.”

Obviously this came as somewhat of a surprise to us since we see the Wolfline cruising around campus every day.

The main point the article makes is this:

A majority of the graduate students in the area study engineering, and almost all of the engineering departments are in the Centennial Campus engineering buildings. Those who live in Champions Court, Avery Close, Ivy Commons, Parkwood, Colonial Arms, or Gorman crossings must walk to get to their classes.

Students usually take Wolfline No.1 or Wolfline No. 9 to get off at Varsity drive stop, wait for the connecting buses like Wolfline Number 8, 3 or 3A, and walk to Centennial. The average travel time is about 25 minutes by foot, and more often than not, the wait-time for connecting buses makes the travel time increase.

Bottom line is that these students need more convenient options to get to class on time and they simply don’t have them at this time. (Read the full article HERE)

Consider Taking an Electric Scooter to Class

While we understand that students are low on funds and take the Wolfline or walk because of that fact, there are options at E. Scooter City you may not have known about.

A scooter can be purchased, sure. They can even be had at prices as low as $299 for models that can reach 15 miles per hour and be charge in no time at all.

What is also available to NC State students that is less known however, are scooters for rent.

Scooters can be rented for $25 per day and sometimes at discounted rates for longer periods of time. Come in and talk with Rich – he’ll sort you out. :)

Bottom line is this – while the Wolfline figures out it’s troubles – come see us and we’ll help you find a cheap ride that also is environmentally friendly.