Bad Knees and Keyboards

So I’m riding my eletric bicycle last weekend and for the second ride in a row I occasionally hear a noise. Sounds sort of like something is rubbing or grinding. I check the brakes, fenders, debris in the wheels, etc. It seems to be louder on the up hills and goes away on the down hills. Finally figure it out. The sound is coming from my left knee, not the bike. I had knee surgery couple of years ago and it’s doing great, but apparently robot knees makes robot noises under stress.

My other issue from the weekend is this. I never eat at my computer, but was working on something I needed to fix and got hungry. Leftover cupcake from a birthday party we had last week made a great working snack. I dropped a little bit of the cupcake on my keyboard – not a big deal right. First I need to explain that my desktop computer is more than 10 years old, but it does everything I need to so why replace it.

Back to the issue.

I want to get the cupcake piece so I flipped the keyboard over and banged it on my desk a few time. Big big mistake. You would not believe, nor want to know, what came out of my keyboard. Most of it appeared to not be alive, but it was not good. I needed to borrow an Ebola protection suit to flush out my office. I just hope all that stuff was outside stuff that got in and not that my computer was evolving into a life form and just molted.

Which leads me to this Electric Scooter City helpful advice – maintain your bicycle.

Here are some electric bicycle maintenance tips:

Every ride – check your air pressure and quick release connection for your wheel. Also, check your tire tread and squeeze the brakes

Once a week – Flip it upside down and wipe down the chain with a rag. Keep it clean, clean bikes run better

Once a month – Do the chain clean thing and add lube while you do it. Clean and lube cassette.

Twice a year – Take it to your mechanic for tune up. This will insure smooth shifting, reliable barking, and keeping your wheels true

Song lyric of the day:

Mr Johnson sings over in a corner by the bar
Sold his soul to the devil so he can play guitar
Too cool to be forgotten