I Cut the Cable

Well, I am doing my daily surfing and what catches my eye but ‘Mutant Lice’. It appears that head lice is evolving and normal over the counter treatments are no longer effective. Disturbingly, I discovered that many parents take their lice infected children to “Nitpickers” and yes they do what you would guess they would do, manually remove the little buggers. Reason number 742 not to give strange school children noogies.

I did actually have a big week. I CUT THE CABLE. That’s right, no more TWC in my life. It feels more like an …….ectomy than a divorce. I was spending $150/month and hardly watching anything except Elementary and Stewart&Colbert. Got digital antenna and a Roku/Sling combo for a small 1 time expense and then $20/month gets me everything I need. It was fun closing the account, first time I called I was mysteriously disconnected. Next time I had to go through person who answered the phone(who of course tried to tell me what options TWC had to offer) and then be transferred to the “Cancellation” department who tried the same pitch. Final stop was to the local TWC store to return the box.   No matter when I have been to this store there is always 40-50 people in line. Which tells you something about their phone customer service that people choose to wait 2 hours bored out of their minds rather than deal with the suicide inducing phone answering service and customer service people for whom English is their 4th, maybe 3rd language.

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Song Quote of the Week

stamps and janis joplin 45

“One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small
And the ones that mother gives you, don’t do anything at all

Go ask Alice, when she’s ten feet tall”