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Fitty is the new Fifty

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Thanks to the Rapper I can’t now say the word fifty without pronouncing it as “fitty”. It just sounds so much better. I propose we retroactively apply the new way of saying it to any song, books, or movies that use that word. Paul Simon’s song would be fitty ways to leave your lover. Roger Miller’s song would be Trailers for sale or rent, rooms to let fitty cent. I can’t wait to see and read Fitty Shades of Gray.

Sometimes things come along that make us see an everyday word or object and view in a brand new way. I think Electric Bicycles are like that. An electric bicycle is really a brand new form of transportation. It’s still a bike and you can get all the exercise you want. It can be like a car if you’re commuting to work on it or pulling a heavy trailer. It can let you go on longer rides on the Greenways if you don’t have to pedal as hard on the hills. And the Raleigh (and Cary and Durham) Greenways are spectacular these days. I was riding on the Nuese River trail recently and saw a family of deer. And you are never far from a view of the river.

I had used the Greenways in the past when they first built the Crabtree Creek Trail, but just this year started using them again. Wow, we have a bicycling treasure her in Wake County. Not only have we added new trails, the City has actually put signs on the trails identifying them and the entrances and exits. Back when I originally started to ride the Greenways it was like Lewis and Clark time. They were hard to find, exits were unmarked, and they weren’t fully completed. So the trail would end at a street and you would spend 30 minutes finding where it picked up 2 streets down and 3 streets over.

Song lyric of the day:

Yogi has it better than a millionaire
That’s because he’s smarter than the average bear.