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Hillsborough St Bike Lanes, Trails and Dogs

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I find dogs fascinating. Cats too, in that I find their total contempt for me fascinating. My dog takes such pleasure in going for a walk, I enjoy watching him. Smelling where other dogs have, uhh micturated, is of course the highlight of the walk for him.

I find myself wondering why this spot gets a cursory smell and the next one requires five minutes of continuous sniffing. Is he going CSI on me and some smells are like….”OK this was a 2 year old Jake Russell, born in South Carolina, with a left front paw slightly smaller than the others and he ate some human’s asparagus for lunch”.

Hillsborough-St-Bike-Lanes-DogsWhereas the quick sniffs are like…”OH, another fricking Lab, lets move on”.

On the other hand, I’d like to know how my dog picks the spots he does to do his business. Is he marking the trail to find his way home? Is he marking his territory like it was the front room rug? Or is this how dogs meet and date. He’s feeling like this a good spot to meet babes and I had some interesting things to eat today. Let’s put it right about here and come back after work to see if any babes took the bait. And some spots are so sweet that we have to do the doggie back kick and cover it up with dirt so no other dog discovers it.

My favorite thing from our last walk was that someone had put out a sign that was a dog in the pooping position that read No Pooping. Don’t know about your dog, but mine doesn’t read or write English well, so when he looks at that sign its like seeing the symbol for a man on the bathroom and he’s off to the races.

Hillsborough St Bike Lanes and Trails

For the people that live around NC State and Cameron Village there is some good information about bike trails and bike lanes at this web site. You can take a survey that asks for your opinion on improvements in these areas. I recommend taking a look if you have the time, lots of interesting proposals. Let’s make the most of our Hillsborough St Bike Lanes and Trails!


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