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Well, its a little late for the Festivus Grievances so we’ll combine it with Chinese New Year Resolutions. First up, someone has been breaking into my house and either making my buttons on my shirt bigger or the holes smaller. For some reason I can no longer button my shirts in less than 10 minutes, they just won’t fit. And let’s talk about people who make bad left turns. If someone coming from my right makes a left turn they are coming right through my lane and I have to brake before I get to the intersection to avoid running into them. It’s a 90° degree maneuver people, not a 45°. And please if you are on a street with no left turn lane, turning on the left turn signal when the light turns green means that I am stuck behind an a-hole.

I’ve got a whole list of grievances for the Cameron Village Harris Teeter. First the people who stop to have a conversation in the doorway, thus shutting down getting in and out. Same thing for aisle conversations with the carts blocking the aisle; The old lady who spends 15 minutes deciding which cottage cheese to buy and NC State students. It should be like public swimming pools, for 10 minutes each hour no students are allowed in Harris Teeter. (Kidding!)

OK, I’m done, thanks for letting me vent. I’ll switch to good news. Attended a City Planning demonstration that showed how the City is going to improve the Peace Street Streetscape from St Mary’s to West. The plans look great, wide sidewalks and trees. For those familiar with current Peace Street, it will be very welcome. Should happen next year.

Song Quote of the Day

I’m gonna lose control of my powers,
I might even lose my trousers.
Smash some glass and act like trash if I want
Wear a skirt and be a flirt if I want
Cuz it’s been so long since I had a good time